Anonymous declared “hate group” in Santa Clara County, California

3 09 2008

Some very disturbing news has popped up recently from the South Bay Area in California. Anonymous, the internet based collective that is currently fighting the cult of Scientology, has been declared a hate group by Santa Clara County officials. A county organization called Network for a Hate Free Community has started putting fliers on people’s cars warning them about Anonymous. Here is a copy of one flyer in question:

Local Anonymous are already taking care of this by talking directly to county officials, the mayor of San Jose, and others. But this is very disturbing in many ways. Yes, using the “hate group” smear has been a modus operandi of the cult of Scientology for many years, so in that sense, this news is not disturbing. But it shows how easily influenced our government is. Scientologists contacted them first and the Network For a Hate Free Community did not bother looking at the other side. Many of them mean well, but the accusation of hate crimes is damning enough in their eyes that they didn’t feel the need to look deeper.

It’s best to stop at that before I rant against the folly of government anti-hate committees and human rights commissions. But I hope the local Anonymous are able to change minds about Anonymous. If they still keep on putting fliers like the one above even after talking to Anonymous and ex-Scientologists, well then that will be sad.




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