More on Jett Travolta: an audio recording of L. Ron Hubbard talking about epilepsy

6 01 2009

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In the wake of Jett Travolta’s death from a seizure, it is timely to present this audio recording of L. Ron Hubbard speaking about epilepsy:

And then people who have epilepsy, which is a type of disease which gives
them seizures, are almost always found on some minor drug that prevents them from getting these—they call them petit mal seizures. Thats epilepsy. I dont care how they call it. Sometimes they really seize and sometimes its just slight. One of those, if an epileptic ever took you by the hand and so forth, he’s liable to break every bone in your hand, if he suddenly had a seizure. But the doctors keep them on something to prevent this. Its just a tranquilizer and they keep them on that one year, year in and year out. And then you come along as an auditor and you try to audit the PC [pre-clear] and you tell the PC that he’ll have to go off that drug. And then all of a sudden, why something will happen from someplace or another that the PC will tell the doctor that they have been taken off the drug by the auditor. And the doctor will call up plaintively asking you to please put her back on the drug because she needs this. And you get into a collision between medical treatment and so on. Now I’ve been using a lot of medical words here or chemical words really. Just don’t pay any attention to them because they’re mostly gobbledygook, and there’s an awful lot of gobbledygook words. Gobbledygook just means nonsense chatter, you see. There’s an awful lot of them.

Tory Christman, a former Scientologist who is now one of the most vocal criticsof the “Church”, struggled for years to keep taking her epilepsy medication. In 1971, she joined Scientology’s “elite” upper echelon the Sea Organization and was ordered to stop taking her anti-seizure medication and start taking vitamin pills instead. Inevitably, she started having seizures which increased in number and in magnitude. She states in an affadavit written in 2001:

This went on for I think 3 months. I was losing my memory due to all of the seizures. I would wake up in the morning and try to dash into the refrigerator. Daily I would have a petit mal (small seizure), and come to with all of the vitamins spread out all over the kitchen floor. The lady I was renting a room from had two children. Constantly they would come in and find me on the floor, and yell “Mommy, Tory dropped her vitamins again”. This woman was one of the kindest people to me, and I will never forget her. Her name is Mary Jessup, and she was married previously to Nate Jessup. All during this time the Scientologists were very evaluative to me, and many treated me like a leper, but not Mary. She was always very compassionate. She had left Scientology some time earlier.

Finally one morning in the shower I knocked my front teeth out during a Grand Mal seizure. All during this time my mother was begging me to go back on all of my medication. Being new in Scientology, I assured her Dianetics and Scientology would handle this. Finally, after so many seizures and so much trauma, I realized no matter what these people thought, I wasn’t going to live if I kept doing this. At that point I decided to go back on my medication in full, no matter what.

She eventually was allowed to take her anti-seizure medicine again, after stubborn persistence, and at the cost of a career in the Sea Org.

It was earlier reportedthat Jett Travolta was on the anti-seizure medication Depakote, but was taken off it because it supposedly caused health problems. This could be a plausible explanation, given that Depakote can cause liver damage. But was Jett Travolta taken off Depakote cold turkey, without being prescribed another anti-seizure medication? There is a list of other anti-seizure medicationwith fewer side-effects than Depakote, but there is nothing to suggest that Jett was on another medication.

Did the “Church” of Scientology persuade the John Travolta and Kelly Preston to give up on conventional medicine and instead treat their son with Scientology’s “alternative” therapy?




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8 01 2009

Tory Christman claims that she was ordered off her seizure medication by the CoS but she forgets to say that such illegal orders were promptly overturned by higher CoS authorities, and that for the 30 years she was in Scientology she was allowed to take her medicine, as confirmed by her 2003 affidavit.

Tory Christman affidavit is the best proof there is that Scientology is not against seizure medicines where needed.

Google “Tory Christman” affidavit 2003

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